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This page is dedicated to our puppies!!!!  All the puppies we sell are born and
raised here on the premises.  We sit with the mothers the whole time they are
delivering to ensure that each puppy gets the best entrance into this world as
We strive to breed the healthiest puppies possible.  All our puppies upon going
to their news homes are vet checked, have their first set of shots and wormed.  
Our puppies come with a health guarantee signed by our vet or signed by us.  
Our puppies come with a 1 year hip and elbow guarantee against severe hip
Our puppies are  raised with lots of children around all the time.  They are very
well socialized puppies by the time they are ready for their new homes.  We start
to teach them manners while they are with us and also a bit of house training.
Hello Jessica,

I wanted to say a great big Thank You to you and your mom
for breeding such wonderful dogs. I enclosed 2 pictures of
"Aunt" Zina with her "Niece" Sadie. Sadie is from Zina's sister
Jade. Both of our dogs have such a wonderful temperament
and personality to boot. I do not think you could find more
pleasurable dogs. The one picture shows Sadie using Zina as
a sliding board. She use to climb on Zina when she was
laying down and push with her back legs until she would slide
over the top of her. The other picture just shows how well
they get along and how beautiful the dogs you breed are!!!!!!!

Thanks Again,  Matt, Kelly, Tonya, Tamara
Hi Jessica,

Our little girl Abby is doing
FABULOUS! She is so good, she's
pretty much potty-trained(my
husband is thrilled), and knows how
to sit already. I took this picture and
thought you might like to see it, she
looks so cute in it. I want to thank
you for such a fantastic dog, I've
literally lost count on how many
people come up to me and tell me
how beautiful she is! Thank you so
Meg, Mike, and Abby
Back in March of this year, I bought a yellow male for my husband for his
birthday, he named him 'Bela'.  Enclosed is a picture taken soon after he was
brought 'home'.  

I just wanted to update you,,,  WHAT A GREAT DOG!  He is so well
tempramented.  He is 4 months old now, graduated puppy training class, and
will be attending obediance school soon.  We are having such a great time
with him, I have been thinking about getting another one of your dogs, so we
can have twice the fun!  Hope to talk to you soon, and I will be keeping my
eye on the puppy updates on your webpage.

Thanks for the new joy in our house,
Dahna & Arthur
Jessica and Janice,

Just wanted to say thank you for
breeding such wonderful dogs and bringing
Tide into our world. I couldn't have asked
for a better dog. Tide, our new puppy, one
of Shelby and Sully's pups, is doing so
well. . She has the best temperament and
is doing wonderful in her puppy classes.
Tide is such a well behaved pup that she
comes to work with me almost every day.
She loves everyone, especially kids!! I
can't seem to get her to do anything when
there are kids around.   I've attached
some pics of her doing what she does
best, sleeping. There is also a pic of her
in her first snow.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays!!
Amanda and Pete
Hello!! So sorry I haven't written but
been very busy with training "Dodger".
We want you to know how happy we are
with him. So far, he has exceeded our
expectations with his sweetness,
trainability and beauty. He is so soft and
that black olive nose!! His coat is just
like Abby but I think he looks like Sam
as well. He is really catching on and I
think he loves us back!

Thanks ever so much and I hope to bring
him by some time. Here are 2 pictures

We bought a chocolate lab from you almost 3 years ago.  
Morgan will be 3 on June 24.  She is the best dog, we get
compliments about how beautiful she is all the time!!  And
I may be partial, but she is the cutest chocolate lab I have
ever seen!!  We had no puppy problems with her
whatsoever, she never chewed and had very few potty
problems!!  We would like to add to family soon.  Please
let us know if you will have any female yellows anytime

I have attached a picture. Can you tell how much she is
loved?!!  She even gets a pillow when she sleeps on our
chair.  :)

Amy and Chris
Here are some photos of our
Mason who was born on Aug 31 to
Mandy and Cooper. We love him
and he is growing into his own little
personality. I have training every
night at home and he has learned
so much so fast (sit, lay down,
crawl, paw, up and shh). We love
him to death and couldn't think of
our way of living without him ;o)
Rebecca Dibble
Janice and Jessica,

Rocky (chocolate, age 3),
McKenzie (yellow, age 4),
Bonkers (black, age 2).  
Rocky is Chelsea and
Sparky offspring.  
McKenzie is Mollie and
Noah.  Bonkers is Sam
and Shelby (Cooper
Doyle's brother).  All are
therapy dogs.  Hope you
are all doing well.  We
have some Purina weight
circles for you, hope to
drop them off soon.
Janice & Jessica,

Just wanted to let you know how
happy we are that we picked a puppy
from one of your litters last May.
Cooper/Mindy litter. He is so
beautiful and a true lab that loves to
play continuously and loves the
water. I have told several people
about your litters and hope you
continue to give your dogs lots of
love and care.
Thanks again!!
I thought you would like to see
how the Puppy AKA Sammy is
doing and see that he is definitely
being loved. He is getting so big.
He is averaging 4-5 ponds every
2 weeks now. Thank you so much
again for the pleasure of getting
such a fantastic little guy from
Just thought you
would like to see
how Sarge is
adjusting to his new
We are really
enjoying him and we
thank you for giving
us this great
addition to our

Mark and Jeanette
Janice & Jessica:

My girlfriend bought me a Black Lab from Country
Breeze back in May. She was in a litter from, I believe
Molly and Sam?
Anyway, I just want to send you a quick note and a
couple pictures of Maddie.  (Official AKC name"Jim's
Maddie Girl") She has such a wonderful dog with a great
disposition.  Such a special dog.  Having just turned 9
months old,  I can tell you that she has matured far
beyond her age. House broken in a week, and I put the
crate away 4 months ago. She has never chewed anything
or destroyed one thing in my home.  She is a quick learner
as well.  It is truly amazing to watch as she learns.  I have
also started to train her for hunting pheasants.  I think she
like picking up sticks in the woods more than anything
else, but she is STILL a puppy, right?
In closing, I am really not one of those people that
writes these types of notes, but she has become such a
special dog, I felt the need to write and thank you.  At
some point in the next couple years, I would like to breed
her and keep one of her pups.  I will be keeping your
business in mind.
Thank you again, for such a wonderful dog.  I will be
in contact when I am ready to breed her.

Hello Jessica,
I have been back to visit
your site and glad to see
more pics. Here is a pic
of our Dodger. He is a
great dog! Loves the
water. We had a great
summer with him. Lots of
camping. He says hi to
his sister, Maize.
Hi Janice and Jessica!

We just wanted to let you both know that we
absolutely LOVE our new puppy Barkley
that we picked up in November
(Abby/Sam).  He is full of energy, love and
has a wonderful personality. He especially
loves children and other dogs. He is three
months old now and is adjusting very well in
his new surroundings. We wanted to send
you some pictures to show you how he has
grown. Thank you very much for such a
great dog! Hope to get another sometime

Ashley & Steve
Hi Janice!  We just
wanted to email you and
tell you how extremely
happy we are with our
chocolate lab puppy,
Bailey.  He's only 3
months old now, but he's
so smart and growing so
fast!  He has great
manners and we love him
more than anything!  We
can't wait until Spring to
get him in the water!  
Thank you for running a
great business and
breeding excellent
puppies!  Enjoy the

Love, Amanda and Sean
Hello Ladies,
My name is Kelli, I purchased
a black lab in Feb 2007 she
was born Dec 7, 2006 her
parents are Jetta and Sam.
Her name is Daisy and the
best dog ever!!  This is my
first dog so had some doubts
in the begining...but she has
such a good temperment and I
am so amazed at how smart
she is. The complements of
how pretty her coat is and what
a good looking dog she is don't
stop...I am so lucky to of
found you guys and would
recommend you to any one
looking for a dog!!
Here are some pictures one of
her as a puppy that I look at all
the time and some recent
ones. Thanks again for such a
wonderful puppy!!!
Hello Janice & Jessica

I recently picked up a yellow male last
month on the 17th.  The one that was
born Dec. 17 06!  I just wanted to let
you know that it is a real joy having
him around.  We named him Sammy
after his gradpa'.  He is so well
behaved and already starting sitting.
He is great with kids and the rest of
the farm animals we have. He is also
house broken and it took only a week!  
We had our first vet visit and she
gave Sammy an A+!  You guys are
doing a great job! and once again,
thank you~

Hi Janice and Jessica:

Happy New Year!  How are you?  We
bought our dog Boomer from you two years
ago, Christmas of 2003, he is the son of
Jetta and Sam.  He is absolutely
wonderful...He's very athletic and so
loving.  We love him to death.  Jessica, I
contacted you a couple of months ago
because we were/are thinking of getting
another dog.  I had seen a yellow lab on
your site and was interested in her/him,
however the puppy had been sold.  The
puppy was adorable.  We really would love
to breed Boomer but only want to do so
with another dog like him.  We also realize
that we can't get a female puppy unless we
fix Boomer.  Do you ever have past clients
bring there dogs back to you for breeding
purposes and if so, what is your policy?  
I've attached a photo of Boomer for you.  I
cannot tell express to you enough on how
happy we are with him and how much we
love him.   Please get back to me and let
me know your thoughts....Thanks!
Hi Jessica!

My husband and I purchased a black lab puppy
from you in August. I just wanted to send
some pictures along to let you see how she is
growing. She is about 6 months old in these
pictures and is turning 7 months old this
coming weekend. We couldn't love her more.
She is a great puppy. Thank you so much for
all of your kindness and help. We are excited
to see Maggie grow up into a terrific dog.
Thanks again! We hope you and your family
had a happy and healthy holiday season.

Best Wishes,

Dan & Laurie
& Maggie
Hello Janice and Jessica,

I just wanted to update you on our
yellow lab, Molly, that we bought
from you back in August (Jewel/Sully
pup).  I can not say enough about
her.  She is the most lovable, gentle,
and friendly dog.  She is GREAT!  
She loves the outdoors, we go hiking
just about every Sunday.  She
loves streams and water in general.  It
should be a fun spring and summer
teaching her how to swim.  Can't wait!  
Hope all is well with your family.

Kelly & Jason
We bought our black lab from Country Breeze Farm and
Kennels in September of 2005.  He is now over six months
old and we are totally in love!  We have had Labs before,
but none were as well behaved and easy to live with as
"Camden Cooper".  He loves to play, loves to walk, but
was never "too much energy to handle".  He is happily
laying beside me chewing on a bone as type.  He doesn't
destroy things, never barks out of context, learned his
name and simple commands within weeks and just simply
loves being home with us!  He is a terrific dog and we
would happily recommend Country Breeze to anyone
looking for a quality Lab!
Since he looks so much like his dad Cooper, we had to add
on the middle name a few months ago.

Thanks again!
Cory and A.J.

We wanted to write you to express our feelings on how
wonderful our puppy "Harley" is. Mom(Molly) and Dad
(Sam). We were the young couple that interrupted your
vacation in May 04. Harley was the last of the 3 black lab
puppies you had and he is WONDERFUL!!!!!
We never thought we could have a dog like this! I am
trying to convince my fiancée that we want another one.
After my family meeting Harley everyone wants one "just
like him". You should be receiving a call from the "Young"
family, my aunt and uncle, who were completely taken
with our dog. They had recently lost a chocolate lab to age
and are ready to begin again with their young family.
This is the point I am hoping to convince Brett to agree to

Thank you again for breeding such wonderful puppies and
you can be sure we pass along your name to others. We
have already run into a woman
that has relatives in your neighborhood and who is familiar
with your business.

Thank you again.

Hi Jessica,
Lisa Custer here.  We absolutely adore our
puppy, Magic, that we got from you.  He has his
own little attitude already and is just loving his
home!  He is a very happy boy and very
intelligent too.  He's 9 weeks now, we had him
for 2 weeks I guess and he is already house
broken!  He is an amazing little angel.  I have a
question about feeding him though.  How long do
you wet their food for?  I'm still adding water to
it.  He's teething on everything he can get a hold
of!  I wasn't sure if I should switch him to dry
yet or not.
Here's a picture or two of our baby.  Thanks
again for such a fantastic family member!
Lisa Custer
Janice and Jessica,

Just wanted to get in touch to update you on Buck.  He
was from the Annie/Sully litter and has been nothing
short of wonderful since the day I brought  him home.  
His temperment is great and was crate trained in a
matter of  days.  He is enjoying his new farm and I've
even had him in the water on some of  the mild days
we have had through winter.  He is about 35 lbs.
already and shows no signs of slowing down anytime
soon.  I will keep you updated with his  progress.
Thanks again for your help with picking my first Yellow
Lab.  He is  exactly what I was looking for.  If anyone
is looking for a puppy, I will be sure to pass your name
along.  Thanks again.


Hello - I wanted to let you know the pup
is doing great.  He is adjusting perfectly
to his new home.  The first night was a
little rough with sleep, but he did much
better Sunday and last night.  
I have attached a few pictures of him.  
We named him Mater. I will keep you
updated.  He is such a sweat puppy!

Hi Janice,

Here are some
pictures I took of
Jake today. We
are so pleased
with him. His
personality is as
beautiful as he is.
Here was Roxy
in our pool last
summer - she's
quite the "sun
bather".  When
the raft would
get close to the
side, she would
hop on!
Hello Jessica and
Just wanted to send
you some updated
pictures of Tide (one
of Shelby and Sully's
pups). One is of her
on our spare bed (she
thinks it's hers) and
the others are from
graduation day from
obedience class. She
is doing great and is
beautiful! I cannot tell
you how many people
compliment on how
gorgeous she is!

Thanks again and
hope you had a
Happy Holiday!
Happy New Year!

Amanda, Pete and
Hi Jessica,

Just wanted to tell you that everyone
who sees Jenna really, really likes her
alot.  We went to the Pet Store in
Northampton and the owner who was a
tech at Stanglein Veterinary Clinic liked
her so much she asked me to give her
your name and address.  Yesterday I
had Jenna to the vet for shots and Dr.
Stanglein really liked her and he was on
the floorplaying with her.  One of the
male tech's asked me for your name
and address and a customer asked me
for your name and address as well.  
Sounds like your will be getting alot of
customers because of Jenna!
I realize you are very busy and do not
have time to respond but I just had to
let you know how much Jenna is liked.  
She is beautiful.

Take Care,
Mary Ann
Hi Jessica and Janice,
We have had Jada (from Jetta and
Sam) for a month now and can't
believe how much she has grown and
how smart she is!  She is such a
mellow gal and always right there
with me.  House training is going
really well.  It's amazing how quickly
she learns.  Come, sit and stay at
only 11 weeks just blows me away.  
I was expecting the hyper puppy
antics and so far she is just a
sweety, hang out, calm, mellow little
girl...we love her so much!  Just
wanted to write you a quick note as
I'm sure you always wonder how
your pups do after you send them
out in the world.  At any rate, we are
enjoying her so much as a part of
our family.  
Take care,
Hi Jessica!
We wanted to write to fill
you in on how Tennie is
doing! (pup of Jetta JR
and Sully)  Since we
brought her home in April
she has been nothing but
a delight!  She was
sleeping through the night
in a week and fully crate
trained in about 2-3
weeks. We went to 'Puppy
Kindergarten' and Tennie
was by far the best
behaved and easiest to
train. She loves to swim,
play ball, and make
friends with every person
and dog she sees. We
love her so very much
and are thinking of getting
her a little brother or sister
from you in the future.  
She really is the best dog
ever!  Thank you, Ian and
Hi Jessica,
Just wanted to let you know
"Jenna" is doing just fine.
She slept through the first
night which surprised me
and she was quick to learn
the routine.  Here are a few
pictures of her taken about
a week ago with two of our 5
grandchildren.  Jenna is alot
of fun and I am enjoying her
an my family is as well.

Thank you,
Mary Ann

It's been about three months since
we picked up our little baby boy
from you. I just have to say of all
the dogs we've ever had, Brody has
been the most wonderful of them
all. He is the most well behaved and
easily trainable and has brought so
much joy into our family. He has
been dubbed "the cutest yellow lab
I've ever seen" so many times by
so many different people,
including two vets from our animal
hospital. I just want to thank you for
breeding such wonderful dogs. I'm
sure I will be contacting you within
the next few months about another

Attached are some pictures of

Thanks again,
Candice and Mike
Hey Jessica.  He is GREAT!!
 Surprise was great too.  She
had no idea and is so happy
with him.  So are we.  He is a
fast learner too.  Waking us
up just once now at night.  SO
freaking cute it is crazy.  
Everyone stops on our walks
to look at him.  His coat is
beautiful.  Has that Yellow
stripe down the middle.  He
likes to play then sleep
forever.  I assume it is
typical for a puppy to sleep a
lot?  We were actually talking
that we should have got 2
from that litter!  My Dad
really wants one too.  How
often do you have a Sam

The Grube gang!!
Hey Jessica, here is a
pic of Buddy.  He is
awesome!  The only
complaint is that we
wish we got 2!!  He is
so much fun.  Smart
and so playful.  When
I walk him, people stop
to look at him all the
time!  One lady
actually stopped her
car and got out to look
at him.  The pic doesn't
even do him justice.
Annie/Sully female
Annie/Sully male
Jewel/Sully puppies
Mandy/Cooper puppy
Ashley/Sully puppy
Jetta/Sully puppies
Annie/Sully 3 females and 5 males
Mazie/Tucker pups
Abby's puppies
Annie/Tucker puppies
Jetta/Tucker puppies
Abby/Sam puppies
Jetta / Sully puppies 7 weeks old
Molly H / Sam male puppies
Mousse/Cooper puppies
Abby/Cooper puppies
Hi Jessica,

I hope you and your family had a wonderful

I know we only picked up Riley 2 weeks ago,
but I wanted to send you an update.  I have
attached a picture from Christmas Eve.  Riley
is a fantastic new addition to our family.  He is
already housebroken and has learned to sit
and speak.  He also has a great temperament
and is just such a joy to be around.  He went
to his vet appointment today and weighs 20
pounds to date.  

Since this was my husband's first pet ever, I
have to say that Riley has made a lasting
impression on him.  I have attached a picture
of Riley & Daddy also.  He is so astonished
on how well he responds and how loving he is.  
This is great news for me because it gives me
the opportunity to ask for a new friend for
Riley in 6 months to a year.  Count on us to
be calling you for our next pup.

Happy 2008 to you and your family!
Hi Janice and Jessica!
Janice, I've been trying to reach you since last June to no
avail.  My son, with his hi-tech knowledge, finally tracked
you down!  Why didn't I ask for his help earlier??
Anyway, 12 years ago around this time we bought a pup
from you born Dec 25 1992 to Hahn's Brown Delight by
Navatier Sir Herbert.  You called him Max and he and his
sister Noel were the last of the litter.  You decided to keep
Noel and we, who were mourning the loss of our beloved
yellow Lab, took Max.  We named him "Bullwinkle" and
have never stopped counting him as one of our greatest
blessings.  He was by far the best dog we've ever had.  
We lost Bully last June and we've been hoping to find a
pup with similar bloodlines ever since. I assumed it would
be so easy to contact you but my archaic methods (phone
book, breeders search, driving around!) came up empty.  
I'm so excited we found you!!
We're looking for another big boned, boxy headed
chocolate male preferably in Noel and Bully's family. I see
you only have blacks now but am very curious as to what
you'll have in the future.
We'd love to hear from you.  Would you please e-mail or
give us a call.
Thank you.
Dick and Shelley
Dear Janice and Jessica, my wife
and I picked up a female GSP, Lily,  
from you back around the end of
November- early December.  We
love the Lily, she fit right into our
family.  We enjoy her so much we
are already talking about getting
another dog from your kennel when
Lily is around 2 years old. Thanks
again, Jim and Sandy Alair
If you decide not to buy a Country Breeze Puppy, PLEASE do not buy a puppy from a pet store or broker!!!!
You will never know where the puppy came from and the conditions!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Jessica and Janice,
We wanted to share photos of
our black lab, Sobe (Tucker/
Savannah 7-11-08 litter). He
is about 4 1/2 months old...
he is a wonderful puppy and
best friend to us!! He is
completely housetrained and
very sweet. Everywhere we
take him, we get compliments
about how beautiful he is!!!
He has those sooo sweet
eyes, we can never stay mad
at him!!! Thank you for
everything. We'll send you a
picture at Christmas to keep
you up to date on how he's
again,Michelle and Sean
Here are some
pictures of Tucker.
He was 50 lbs. last
time he was at the
vet. And that was
about 3 weeks ago!
He's ganna be a big
boy. I love him!!
Hey Jessica.  
Here are some recent
pics of Buddy Boy!
Hi Jessica and Janice,
Lisa and I frequently go on the website to see
what's new and couldn't help but see all the
puppies from past litters and how they're doing so
well. It is a testament to the love and care
Country Breeze has for these dogs that carries on
through the rest of their lives. We've had Marley
(that's right...I name the dog and a book comes
out...) for over three years and I can't remember
what life was like without her. I wanted everyone
to see what a beautiful dog we have thanks to
Hi Jessica Just wanted to send you an
e-mail to let you know how pleased I am
with the puppy I purchased from you.  
Little Girl, now named Shiloh is doing
great and is a wonderful pup.  She was
easy to housebreak and is learning to sit
and stay, walks well on a lease and is
such a pleasure and great companion. A
photo is attached, she is not so little any
Thanks for a great pup
Hi Jessica,I wanted to send
you a little note and a few
pictures of Cooper (Mouse
& Sam - 5/20/08). He is
just over three months now
and is really getting big. He
was at the vet yesterday
and weighed in at 25
pounds!!! He is getting
along great with Porter, our
chocolate lab who is about
a year and a half old. It
has been great having both
dogs - they get along and
play all the time! Thanks
again for such great dogs!
Enjoy the pictures - he is
really cute! Claire & Ryan
Hello Jessica,

I wanted to thank you and your
mom for giving us a
BEAUTIFUL puppy. He's such a
wonderful dog, his name is
Max(Yellow Lab from Jetta
Jr./Tucker) and my mom bought
Max for her but it ended up
being my dads boy.He's close
to my dad and my father
lovessssss him soooo much.
He's a really smart dog and
sweet and loves his pool and
does great in walks.

Thank you again!!! =)
Natalie and Martha

I just wanted to say thank
you for breeding such a nice
dog.  We bought a GSP
from you a year ago.  Bo
just turned one year old in
May.  He is by far the best
tempered dogs I have ever
had.  He is extremely tall
and looks like a lamb with
his skinny, tall legs.  He
adjusted really well to our
other two dogs and I never
even knew he was here
during his bad puppy
stages.  He never ruined
anyting on us!  Thanks

Here is a picture of our boy Croc, he is
the best thing that has ever
happened to Rachel and I,,,, Just wanted
to send a picture of him playing
in the River....Thanks again, his
personality and temper are the best out of
any other I've ever seen, and I think he is
part fish!! LOL.... He;s
perfect, Thanks...   : )
Hi Country Breeze!

Last July my now fiance and I got two
GSP puppies from you. We named them
Jack and Stella and this week we
celebrated their one year birthday. I
wanted to share some pictures with you
to show you how wonderfully they have
developed. We have truly enjoyed
watching them grow - they are just
wonderful and keep us very active with
all of their energy! We live in
Washington DC and despite their urban
surroundings, their hunter instincts have
developed so naturally that we have lots
of fun chasing squirrels and pigeons and
insects :) Jack and Stella have brought
so much joy to our lives we wanted to
share some of that with you!

Addie and Drew
Dear Jessica,

I am sorry that I did not
send you a photo of
Walter sooner!  He was
born last year (7/11/08)
from the Tucker/Savannah
litter.  We LOVE him
dearly!!  He is so good
with our two girls and
everyone he meets says
what a sweetheart he is.  
He is a star at the vet's
office and even the vets
have commented that he
is a beatiful dog and an
"absolute mush!"  We
cannot take him for a walk
without someone stopping
us to pet him!

Hi Jessica,
We wanted to send you some pictures
of our Savanah. She is almost 6 months
old now and as mellow as can be. I
couldn't download any recent pictures of
her but I will work on it. She is the BEST
dog ever. My husband and I watched
Marley and Me in the theater 4 days
before we picked up Savanah. I cried
my eyes out and he got scared
thinking.... what did I get myself into.
Just recently, we bought Marley and
Me... and again I cried my eyes out....
but this time .... I wasn't alone....
YES.... My Husband Was Crying TOO!
He couldn't imagine life without
Savanah. We love our dog SOOOOO
much and she is so amazing and sweet
we can't thank you enough. She is so
gentle and loving. We sing your praises
every day and recommend you to
anyone who will listen.
Love Tara and Bill
Hi Jessica,
My husband and I can't thank you enough for our amazing little Savanah
(daughter of Callie and Tucker- born 11-15-08). You were recommended to
us as a very high quality and dedicated breeder by a family member who
had done extensive research and then purchased a dog from you not long
before we decided to purchace ours. Everyone told us, "You don't know
what you are in for getting a lab." We watched Marley and Me in the theater
3 days before we picked her up. We prepared for the worst knowing that
after a few years she would be the kind of dog we really wanted. We were
shocked at how different our puppy was from our expectations. Savanah is
AMAZING! From the very beginning she has been so calm and easy. She
was house trained after 2 weeks. She is better than we could have ever
expected. Our neighbors marvel at how wonderful of a dog we have. We
have reccomended you to numerous people. Thank you so much for your
dedication and honesty and love of breeding.
Tara and Bill
Hi Jessica,

Well, someone has asked for
your information because
they saw our beautiful boys. I
hope they contact you. We’
ve named them Cato and
Romeo. They are beautiful,
playful, energetic little guys
and we are having a
wonderful time with them. I
thought that since I had your
information at hand I’d send
you a few photos of them…

Best regards,

Jessica and Janice,
Good morning.  My wife Ashley
and I purchased a yellow lab
from you about 1.5 years ago.  
His name is Barkley, and we
love, love, love him.  (picture
below).  As we mentioned to
you when we got him, we would
be back for another....and so
we are.  
Thank you in advance...and
thank you again for Barkley.  
He is amazing and we couldn't
not go on without him.  He
steals our hearts every morning
when we wake up.

Talk to you soon!
Steve and Ashley  
Hi Jessica,

My husband and I purchase
Riley from you in
December of 2007.  I have
attached some photos from
winter and summer 2009.  
He is the best lab I have
ever owned.  He's lovable,
outgoing, intelligent and
such a joy to both of us.

I saw that Mazie has two
pups available still.  Is the
yellow male still available?  
If so what is the cost for

I hope all is well with you
and your family.  Please let
me know about the pup.  
We would love to have
another within this year.

Thank you very much!
Hi Jessica,
Just thought that I would send
you a few pictures of  Holly.
She is getting big quickly. At
her last vet check just before
Christmas, she weighed 20.5
pounds.  She has adjusted well
to her new home and her new
routine. She loves to play ball
with our other Lab mix Ellie and
of course, at the moment she
is a chewing machine. We are
working on getting her not to
chew on us! I will keep you
posted. Hope that you enjoy
the pictures and have a Happy
New Year!!

Hi Jessica.  I just
wanted to send you
some new pics of
Jessie that were taken
this morning.  She is
getting big quick and we
are having so much fun
with her.  My other
puppy, Daisy, who is a
puggle is loving her too.  
Its cute watching them
play together.  She
loves the snow.  She
goes outside and runs
her nose through it.

I'll keep sending pics as
she grows up.  Thank
you again.

hey Jessica

just wanted to let you
know that BO is doing
great he has chewed
on almost everything
in the house but is
already using the
doggy door after only
one week has hade
only a hand full of
acidents and is totaly
in love with my 2.5
year old son thanks
alot and i will keep in

thanks John
Hi there, just wanted to
send you some pics of
out precious Chloe.  
She just turned 6
months and is the light
of our life.  Her dad
was "Toby" and her
mommy was "Mindy".  
She was potty trained
in a week and is the
sweetest thing ever.  
She loves to swim in
our lake and loves to
go for her daily walks.  
Thank you so much
for everything you all
do to keep your labs
so beautiful and
healthy!  Now the next
task is to try and talk
my husband into
another one.... REAL
SOON!!!  Thanks
again!  Laurie and Dave
I just want to say thank you soooo
much for breeding such good
labs. I have never been happier.
The easiest dog we have EVER
had to train. She is so calm and
delightful. We enjoy spending all of
our time with her. Salem is just
such a joy to be around and every
one that meets her agrees. We are
going to be coming back to you
VERY soon for a sister for Salem.
We have not decided if we want
another black or a yellow. We are
in the process of turning our
backyard into a puppy play ground
and as soon as it's done we are
going to add a furry family
member. Here are some picture of
Salem she just turned 6 months....

Thank you soooo much,
The proud parents of Salem
This is our puppy Deputy
A.C. Cowboy. He goes by
Cowboy. My husband got
him from your kennel 2 1/2
years ago.  He is a
couldn't have asked for a
better puppy. Our families
live in NC and he goes with
us. The 6 hour ride doesn't
bother him. He loves to
ride, play in the water and
snow. We wanted to share
some photos of him with
just have to say thank
you for raising the best
puppies. Salem who
was born 09-12-2009
is a puppy of Toby &
Mindy and she is by far
the best dog I ever had.
She has the cutest
personality & beautiful.
People stop us allllll
the time to tell us how
beautiful she is and
how well behaved. She
is 4 months old and
already 100%
housebroken, doesn't
sleep in crate anymore
(crated when not home
still), she is at the top
of her Puppy- K class.
We just can't get
enough of her.

Thank you again,
Molly is now 3 years
old and I just wanted
to let you know she
has been nothing
less than amazing to
say the least. She is a
pup from the Jewel /
Sully litter on
07/04/2007. I have
sent you numerous
people to buy a puppy
and I am looking
forward to getting
another from you in
the coming years.
Attached is an
updated photo.
Thanks for everything
Jason & Kelly
Hi Jessica,

I was wondering if the yellow
female from Maize’s litter is
still available? We
purchased a yellow female
(Abby/Sam litter 9/23/08)
from you in November of last
year. My niece Tara and her
husband Billy (pictures on
your website) purchased
their Savannah from you a
few months later. We are
really happy with our Holly.
She is great dog! We
recently had to euthanize our
older dog Ellie and I am
thinking that Holly is missing
her buddy and would love to
have another partner in
Annie/Tucker babies
Hi Jessica and Family!

I emailed you pictures of Magic when we
brought him home and couldn't thank you
We just wanted you to know that Magic is
doing so well, he's grown so much!
He is now a healthy and beautiful 75 lb.
hunk of muscle!  He still loves to play and
is very, very spoiled!  We have 2 cockatiels
that actually ride on his back, he's very
gentle with them.  We also have a hamster
that he is fond of!
We love him dearly, thank you again, from
our family, the Custers.

Hi Jessica,
I wanted to write to you to tell you and your family that we may
have found the best puppy ever! Porter (Chocolate lab from
Mousse & Cooper)  is three months this past Saturday, (5/19).
He has been a joy to be around and is a very good puppy.
From day one he has slept through the entire night with not one
accident in his crate. We started puppy kindergarten last week
and he is already ahead of most of the puppies in his class. He
is a very well mannered puppy and we are always getting
complements on how nice and friendly he is.  He listens so well
and loves to go on walks in the park. I've attached two photos
for you. One is from Saturday (5/19 - 3 months) and one from
about a week ago at the park he loves! (Just look at that face)

We picked him up on April 14th - puppy of Mousse & Cooper -
the last one of his litter available.

I have been telling everyone I know how great this little guy is!
We've already started talking about getting a yellow lab in a few
years! Thank you so much!

Claire & Ryan
I just wanted to thank you so
my for my angel Emma
Zaphia. She was the white
female that was born on July
5 to Mazie and Tucker of
2010. She is truly the
smartest dog ever. She was
house train in 1 week. She is
perfect!!! Everyone loves her.
She has brought so much joy
to our lives. We will be back to
purchase a male this
summer. Thanks again.
Hi Jessica, just thought I
would send you some
pictures of Phineas. He is
getting so big and we enjoy
him so much. Hard to
believe he will soon be 10
months old! He is certainly
part of the family. The kids
adore him and our other
Lab Kaiser and him do
great together. He is
wonderful and beautiful.
Here are some pictures!
These are 4 of my favorites
from July till this past week!
Thanks again....

Steve n Ashley
Hey Jess

Vikas and I wanted to thank you
for Leo. He is a very good boy.
He turned 3 months couple of
days back. I am attaching his
picture with the mail. Please
thank your mom too. We are
looking forward to see you guys
soon and hopefully bring Leo too.

Hi Jessica,

I've been meaning to write to you to
thank you for giving us the most
amazing dog.  We couldn't be happier
with Whiskey (born 1/1/11).  He has
brought so much love and joy into our
lives.  He was so easy to train and
gets along with everyone.  Although
we live in the city (NYC), we live next to
a park that he visits frequently, and
has now become the Mayor of the
park.  Everyone knows Whiskey.  We
also take him up to Bear Mountain on
the weekends where he loves to swim
and play with his other friends.  Here's
a couple of pictures, one of Whiskey,
and one with his friends.  As you can
see, he's extremely handsome.  
Thanks again, we couldn't of asked for
a better friend.

Warmest Regards,

Kelly & Bill
Laura and John ( NY)
HI jessica.

After  four years butter is
as happy as the day she
came home.
Thank you for the great job
you guys do for.
We have recommended
many people to country
breeze ,and they are jut as
Thanks again.
Abby and Sams pups.  Full
Borthers to Mazie Girl
Currently we have black and yellow
males and females available.  They will
be ready for go Labor Day Weekend.  
Parents are Gabby and Romeo and Ariel
and Romeo.  Currently taking deposits.
For current puppy pictures please find
us on Facebook.